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  1. Used to ride my bike here all the time. Sometimes still do. A little bit more of a hike but always worth it. Reminds me of home.
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  2. From a trip I ran last summer. I learned so much from the participants and the experience.
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  3. Rob Johnston and a horse, cmon.
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  4. The silence before a silent disco rave at Camp. Ended up pretty wild in the middle of nowhere.
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  5. Me and @medavis11 kayaking the Chicago River with my friend as the tour guide #free99
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  6. Perfect timing
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  7. When the Cubs beat the Cards at Wrigley to advance to the NLCS. And we got free food and drinks all night @sicasady
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  8. Another one from the Cubs postseason run. You could find me here before, during, and after all games
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  9. I think this will be my last Cubs photo on this list
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  10. Gavy being Gavy and loving his storage tub @gav0505
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  11. Biking on beautiful days
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  12. Front row at The Main Squeeze in Chicago. Top 5 best shows I've been to.
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  13. Fall camping and climbing dunes. Just what I needed last weekend.
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  14. Horses are dope. So is Zach. We had a photo shoot.
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  15. Family camp = war canoe tours on the lake
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