Only the most random
  1. Mark Wahlberg / Jimmy Butler
    I'd be open to third wheeling
  2. Justin Bieber / Floyd Mayweather
  3. Kim Jong Un / Dennis Rodman
    Still confused about this. I would NOT be open to third wheeling
  4. Snoop Dogg / Willie Nelson
    For obvious reasons
  5. Donald Faison / Zach Braff
    No surprises here but adorable off screen friendship. Faison's (Turk's) second wedding was held at Braff's (JD's) house.
  6. Snoop Dogg / Martha Stewart
    This could be another list called "Snoop Dogg's" random friends
  7. @bjnovak / John Krazinski
    They went to high school together. They sold paper together.
  8. John Mayer / Bob Saget
    Need @john to confirm