My grandma got a Twitter account a couple years ago. She likes to leave feedback on celebrities' accounts. She's Jewish, as are most of the people she tweets.
  1. Sarah Silverman
    "Laura's great on Nurse Jackie!! Miss seeing you on TV!!" - Sarah is Nana's favorite jew celebrity. She's such a fan that she's complementing both her and her lesser-known sister.
  2. Jimmy Fallon
    "GREAT show with the President! You both rocked!!!" Nana likes to voice her political opinions, but only to late night hosts.
  3. Judd Apatow
    "Loved Girls!!!" She is a huge @lenadunham fan
  4. Rosie O'Donnell
    "Have watched all shows. Love and will miss you. Please find another network!!" This was right after Rosie announced her show cancelation. I'm pretty sure my grandma was the only person devastated by this.
  5. Ellen Degeneres
    "Speedy recovery for a dynamic mom!!" I think this was after Ellen's mom fell. Nana always sending positive vibes.
  6. Ricky Gervais
    Multiple tweets to Gervais: "Congrats. When will we get to see your series in the US?" - in reference to "Derek," which is now on Netflix. Thanks, Nana! "Next NY Times best seller. Go for it!!" - I would like to believe that all of Ricky's books after this were inspired by Nana.
  7. Kathy Griffin
    Still keeping up with her favorite Jews. Nana tweeted after all of Griffin's episodes of her reality show. This was after the second episode: "Loved the second show also! Great neighborhood. Not Mr. Rodger's but hilarious"
  8. Jason Alexander
    "@IJasonAlexander" - this tweet was just Nana tweeting his username. I think she was trying to retweet. Still, Jew. So I included it.
  9. Jonah Hill
    "Fantastic funny movie! Keep em comming!" - after the release of 21 Jump Street. Yet another Jew.
  10. Howard Stern
    "Nut kicking never funnier." - I have no idea what this meant. But Nana has a great sense of humor :) disclaimer - I'm pretty sure Nana only supports Stern because of his Jewish background.