The pictures are what they were supposed to turn out like. Mine were not picture worthy.
  1. Orange chicken with rice
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    I rated mine a 6/10. I don't think the chicken was supposed to come out soggy.
  2. Chicken and cheese enchiladas
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    7/10. Easy, fattening, mediocre.
  3. Shrimp tacos
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    3/10. Mainly because I don't like shrimp, cabbage, or corn tortillas.
  4. Baked garlic brown sugar chicken
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    2/10. Burned. Not just slightly burned, the smoke alarm was involved.
  5. Éclair cake
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    9/10 because my grandma made it while I watched and ate most of the frosting before she put it on.
  6. 4th of July fruit kabobs in the shape of the American flag
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    10/10. This one was hard to screw up.
  7. Pillsbury crescent pizza rolls
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    I would rate these 8/10, but everyone I served them to would probably rate 2/10 due to bad taste. So I'll settle with 5/10.