1. Tim James Lab
    PROS: It's actually what I want to do for the rest of my life (microbial ecology), there's room for advancement/me getting paid, writing my thesis. The lab itself is very very nice....etc CONS: I'm currently not paid
  2. Pierpont Ugos
    CONTEXT: It's the university convienience store PROS: Interacting with customers, making friends w regulars, free fountain drinks/coffee CONS: Far from central campus, constantly screwed for shifts, not paid enough
  3. Law Library
    PROS: Asks slightly more of me than other manual labor jobs have in the past. Allows me to listen to music while working CONS: Barely gives me enough hours to scrape by with, doesn't pay that much
  4. East Quad Dining Hall
    PROS: Pays a huge sum for an entry level job CONS: Everything else about it
  5. Law Club Dining Hall
    PROS: First job ever, gave me experience to move up in the world and fed me almost daily. CONS: The mean staff + everything else
  6. Yang Zhang Lab
    PROS: Allowed me to fake it till I made it into another lab job CONS: Dude brought me on when there was no work for me to do- wasted study time on mandatory hours in the lab to do nothing, learn nothing and earn nothing