It's so cliché it hurts
  1. Being irrelevant
  2. Disappointing my mom. Not missing dinner or something, but truly puncturing the balloon saying "I'll love you no matter what".
  3. Failing out of school without a plan
  4. Staying in school forever
  5. Drowning in debt
  6. Never being able to use the skills I've worked so hard for
  7. Everyone realizing I'm a fraud
  8. People actually believing I'm smart, and being disappointed with the truth
  9. That Star Wars is going to suck from here on out
  10. Legit though, clowns
  11. Being stuck in a small town
  12. Not being able to hack it in a big city
  13. Following the same kind of career track as everyone in my family
  14. The eventual genetic probability of mental illness
  15. That this sadness and apathy I feel is depression