1. The kids love him
    Even with the most obnoxious "You Can't See Me" catch phrase in the world, the kids enjoy it. They live for it! And damn it... This gives them that confidence kids need.
  2. All-Time Wishes Granted
    Enough said.
  3. Positivity
    I'm one of those people that will cringe at how positive someone can be. Let's face it. Even in the darkest of times someone positive can make the difference in your day.
  4. Quick Healer
    This guy will get his nose broken in the ring during Monday Night Raw and FINISH the match. Two weeks later... He's back at it again with a remarkably quick healing time. Oh, he injures his shoulder that requires surgery? No problem! He's back (will be back) 4 months earlier than expected to recover.
  5. Love to Hate Him
    As much as kids (and women) love Cena, he's even more hated. Which makes for the most entertaining nights on television. Could you imagine a "Let's go Cena!" chant without "Cena SUCKS!"?
  6. You're Everyday Man (kinda)
    He's got millions and luxury cars but he's just like any other overly muscular good looking guy. Total Divas is proof that even though he's for the most part a "lucky" guy he has girl problems and OCD. On that note... John... Just deal with red wine being spilled on your white counters sometimes. It's okay. It'll come off.
  7. Struggling Movie Star
    He HAS starred in movies but they were WWE produced and I guess they did significantly decent to be released theatrically. However, to try to get to the Rock level he's starting from the bottom. Small but memorable parts in movies shows he has no problem not being the star. Check out Trainwreck, Sisters and Daddy's Home.
  8. Muscles
    This is a little superficial on my part but impressive for anyone that is into fitness. The pecks, those arms, that ass (seriously see Trainwreck)... This guy is a literal beast! As a female, it would be irresponsible of me to act like his muscles are not appealing. I'd be a liar! ::pause for daydream sequence of Cena shirtless:: now what was I making this list about?
  9. He's Funny!
    His in-ring persona allows for hilarious banter between him and other wrestlers. Thank God for that! Some wrestlers, while they look intimidating are total bores when they speak (ex. Roman Reigns). Check out his Instagram. Rarely any captions but the pics will tell you a little about his humor.
  10. Love for His Home
    So this is something I have witnessed myself being that I live in the same city he lives in (Tampa is running wild with WWE wrestlers). He dines in the SAME restaurants I do, drives the same streets and will even be gracious enough to take a photo with a fan. Have I been one of those fans? No. I just can't get myself to disrupt someone's normal life to get a picture... And I need to dress up if I'm going to. Loving this city, the businesses and people is something that we deserve from a big name