Inspired my @dcerruti and the OG herself, @roaringsoftly
  1. This is me!
    Born in the Philippines. Raised in Tampa!
  2. Just recently discovered SnapChat!
    Follow me... I usually do my best work when my child naps
  3. I'm a mom
    Yup... She's in the dog's bed. And I will try my hardest to not show her face on here but you'll see it a lot on SnapChat (weird, I know)
  4. Mr. Bean
    Rescue we adopted 5 years ago. One of the best decisions ever!
  5. There's a "we"
    Married to this guy. He'll be inspiration for a lot of lists I'm sure.
  6. Pop Culture Know It All
    I know a lot of useless information. Internet has now made it impossible for me to give out said info because of its validity. But hey feel free to ask me anything! No guarantees 😎
  7. Emojis and Hashtags are my thing 🙋🏻
  8. #Momsquad
    Mom friends are a necessity when you're a mom... But it's better when they become legit buds for life.
  9. Thirty
    You heard it! Turned 3-0 in January and so far it's been spanktastic!
  10. Spankings are awesome
    ... For adults. Just. Saying.
  11. Champagne is my game
    Feel free to invite me to all your champagne socials. This includes beer, wine and limited selections of liquor.
  12. New and in love
    With @list By far the best app/social media out there
  13. Food
  14. My life is my profession
    Stay at home mom. I mean... No one can afford me and I work for free.
  15. Love!
    Loving my new buds on here... We should booze sometime... Like responsibly.
  16. I'm up for any
    So let me know!
  17. One of my daughter's fave books
    Aww there's her face but this pic is old. So it's okay. Thank you @bjnovak