1. "But you speak English so well!"
    Right. Well... Yeah.
  2. "But you have a little Spanish in you though, right?"
    I would have said that.
  3. "Are you sure? You don't look like it."
    Pretty sure.
  4. "There's no Black in you?!"
    I don't know. My response is usually just "nope" but then this happens...
  5. "But you look like you do!"
    Then I respond with "okay"... What am I supposed to say?!
  6. "You're Korean!"
    "How do you know?" "Oh because I can tell... I know some Koreans"
  7. "You don't look Asian."
    Please tell me what all Asians look like...
  8. "You're Colombian!"
    I don't know what about this either...
  9. "No, no, I got this... You're... 🤔... Japanese!!"
    And you have lost the game.
  10. "You don't look Filipino... You're 'full' Filipino??"
    I'm really just constantly messing with people when I say I'm Filipino (sarcasm)
  11. And when people are proud to have guessed correctly I'm Filipino...
  12. "I knew it!"
  13. "Because I know some Filipinos"
    😑 "Oh yeah, we all look alike." (Sarcasm)