Current Obsessions

Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Pretty Little Liars
    Currently on Season 5 Episode blah blah blah. I'm clearly behind on this guilty pleasure. As crazy as it is both my husband and I are hooked! Having said that... 1) I would have told my parents about "A" the minute I got a psycho text, 2) I would have told Tanner the minute she got to town, 3) Peace out Rosewood, 4) Hell no to my teacher wanting me at 15yrs old, 5) Call the cops on all the 25yr olds into 15yr olds, and 6) Get new squad
  2. Political Conventions
    Both conventions have been pretty interesting so far. Definitely #adulting since I spend my night watching it... Although my husband is anxious about PLL. Best thing as of today? Michelle Obama's inspiring speech... If only she wanted to be president one day 🤗
  3. This new SnapChat filter
    Add me! Vionelie.rose (@estherlimtf has a pretty rocking snapchat too!)
  4. Enzo Amore
    Certified G...
  5. Buttermilk Provisions (Tampa/Wesley Chapel)
    Great new little coffee shop with amazing gourmet donuts and quiche. Check out their Facebook page:
  6. Bad Moms
    Haven't seen it but love it already!! Excited for the girls night with my a couple of my fellow moms. We are ready for that much deserved hangover!
  7. Diplo
    ... Damn
  8. SoYoung
    My little girl is about to start school for the first time. EVER!! It only made sense to get her an awesome lunchbox and backpack. SoYoung's products are made from raw linen (easy to clean for moms and dads), Eco-friendly, and stylish.
  9. Chrome Nails
    My amazing nail salon finally got this hot trend last week and I was their test subject. The pic doesn't do it justice! Definitely going back to get chrome on all nails 😎
  10. Noell+Jane
    Just ordered beautiful clips from this little shop from Sacramento. Not only was the owner friendly but got my custom order in just a few days! Best part? They stay in place with my daughter's extra fine straight hair.
  11. Of course this little nut