Lines That Don't Work

And never will! What you're about to read is true.
  1. "What do you do for fun?"
    My response? "Mommy and me yoga." Apparently that meant sit down.
  2. "What kind of cube would you be?"
    Uh huh... A former TNA and ROH wrestler asked me this on a date. Such a shame
  3. "Hey... (mumble mumble mumble)... Why you ain't talking to me like earlier?"
    Right so random dude walks up. Mumbles. Which forces a "what?" Out of me then says I should talk to him like I did earlier... I've never met this guy. And hopefully will never again 😬
  4. "Have you looked into Scientology?"
    I mean... I guess this could have been a legit question but either way... I ran! (If it was Tom Cruise then... No. Yeah. I'd still run.)
  5. "Why won't you have sex with me?"
  6. "I like Kung Fu."
  7. "I've only dated Asian girls."
    Clear sign of a fetish I don't want to be part of.
  8. "Hi. My name is ______________ and I just wanted to say you are beautiful."
    Okay so, this SHOULD work. It was all proper and nice... Just an unfortunate case of no attraction on my end. And then came the awkward "thank you" as I didn't know what else to say 🙈. But seriously this CAN work lol