Some good, some bad, some ridiculous and a lot of TMI
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    Woke up at 6am just to pee on a stick
    I think that's normal. I woke my husband up and I'm not sure if he really grasped what had happened.
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    My mom told me to make a regular GYNO appointment and just tell them when I get there I'm pregnant.
    My mom is a nurse. So when she gave me this advice I thought it was okay. Then I told her they couldn't see me for another 2 months. She said "that's fine". Well... Thank you to my mom for making me look like one of those girls that don't know they're pregnant and can give birth in a toilet. I told the doctors office that it was just hard to book an appointment πŸ˜‘
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    Puked on myself as I drove to work.
    My morning sickness was awful. I called in sick and went home. I didn't even shower. I just took my clothes off, put my pjs on, splashed my face with water and slept with my chihuahua next to me. I quit work the next day.
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    Morning sickness both ways
    TMI folks!! You have been warned. So, morning sickness isn't just in the morning and it's not just puking. The bathroom and the garbage can were my best friends. My husband was a saint. Thoughts running through my mind during these episodes? "If fucking Kate Middleton can do this then so can I! I'm a mother fucking princess!!! That fucking royal bitch! I'm gonna die..."
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    Filipino vegetarian
    Pigs were flying. The unbelievable happened. I could not. Eat. Meat. Chicken was gross. I couldn't stand any pork and it was my favorite. I wanted steak but what was the point in having a well done steak??? That's just wrong! I lived off grilled cheese, ginger ale and water... Until my 2nd trimester when I fell back in love with Hershey's Chocolate Milk boxes.
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    Waiting for that heartbeat was torture!
    Keep in mind I was already 3 months when I went for my first appointment. My second ultrasound to find that heartbeat was the second worst feeling in the world. It just took too long. I just kept reminding myself that these things happen and we can try again. I stayed calm. My husband looked calm too. Okay we were both prepared for bad news... Then we heard her heart beating. FAST! The doctor said all was good and left the room. Turns out we both were freaking out and thank God for her heart.
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    What to Expect When You're Expecting
    I was finally ready to take this book out of the box I hid underneath our bed. First trimester was over and all was good and healthy. A year before, I found out I was pregnant and was so excited that the next day we went to B&N to get this and a baby name book. Then on the third day I told my husband to go to the store to get more tests just so I can make sure I was pregnant. And in the 10min he was gone I saw blood. I was ready for the book this time.
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    Concerts Galore
    Before we found out I was pregnant we already had tickets to several concerts and we couldn't let them go to waste! First up: Kings of the Mic - LL Cool J, Ice Cube, and so on. Then Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox 20. Last but not least? Justin Timberlake and Jay Z! I puked in my seat at two of them but no one noticed πŸ’πŸ»
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    Maternity Jeans
    It happened conveniently as I was walking through Macy's. The feeling of tight jeans even though I wasn't bloated. I had a baby in my belly that was crying for more room! Thankful for Macy's small maternity section and the ability to walk out in my first pair of maternity jeans.
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    Ice Ice Baby
    And I will never forget the man I made giggle at Home Depot when he saw me and said to his wife "Her shirt is cool!" I knew I succeeded.
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    The Force
    This one was cool too😎
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    Glucose Schmucose
    Had to take the 3hr test because I barely failed the one hour. Passed the 1st and 3rd but failed the 2nd hour... Then the doctor decided to diagnose me with Gestational Diabetes. I went home and called my husband with the "bad news" and wanted his ass home ASAP. No insulin needed, just watching my diet and monitoring my glucose levels. After two weeks of NORMAL readings I said fuck it! And I was perfectly fine the rest of my pregnancy.
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    The Bookshelf
    My husband decided his gift to me was a Pinterest dream... Making a ladder bookshelf for the nursery. I was hesitant as most Pinterest dreams are failures but it was a sweet gift. And him shirtless πŸ˜‰
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    Pinterest Dream
    The finished product
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    "They can feel the head?!"
    Awe yes... My husband's realization of what goes on at an appointment. He made almost every appointment but when it got close to my due date it became... "Intrusive" lol. Once the doctor checked to see if I was dilated (I wasn't) and making sure the baby's head was in the right position, my husband realized just how far that hand went. Instantly he thought to the night we had sex earlier in the week... "So my penis touched the baby's head?!?! WTF!! You told me it wouldn't!!" (You may laugh now)
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    His penis did not touch the baby's head.
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    Fake Contractions
    After being told that I may need to be induced on my due date (Valentine's Day) I started feeling my first contraction at 10pm on Feb. 7th. However, my husband wasn't convinced. We started timing it and every time the contractions fluctuated in time he kept saying they weren't real (because he knew ya know?). 6am came and they were more consistent and he realized... "Yeah, so you're in labor."
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    Knocked Up
    After a nice shower and a little bit of makeup we finally got the go ahead to leave for the hospital. The movie was the key... "Have you had your bloody show?" I said to myself... And sure enough I did!! I screamed to my husband while he was on the phone with the nurse "It's Knocked Up!! It's Knocked Up!!!!!!" His natural response was "what?!" Then I calmly relived the scene with him. So, THANK YOU SETH ROGEN for such a great movie!!
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    Oh and she was born Feb. 8... A week early. Healthy! ☺️