5 days but felt like FOREVER
  1. Life happens.
  2. Out beloved babysitter is leaving for college and we're a mess about it...
    She will be attending UCF (in Orlando)
  3. Then Orlando happened.
  4. WTF?!?!
  5. Terrorist attack? Hate crime? What's the difference??
  6. Marked Safe
    I didn't know anyone that died or anyone injured. But I knew quite a few people in Orlando. Then came a flood of notifications for people "marked safe". Hard to believe.
  7. Mom Life
    After the tragedy I just wanted to spend time with my 2 year old. Other than the occasional picture I took and posted, I just lived in the moment.
  8. Emotional
    Is it weird that I got really emotional about what happened? At 30 years old I didn't understand why this it happened and so close.
  9. Thank You Tony's
    Uplifting during a hard time.
  10. Donating Blood
    I'm sure it was seen all over the world... The amount of people waiting in line to donate blood. That was the least I could do. If you're a universal donor, like me, keep donating!
  11. Remembering the victims
  12. Just a little break from here... But I'll be back
    Living in the moment with my family.