Movies that I Watch Over and Over Again

Some old, some new and some that I just can't explain. No particular order (I tried to put them in order in some way but it was too much effort).
  1. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
  2. Apocalypse Now
  3. The Breakfast Club
  4. The Money Pit
  5. The Goonies
  6. Trading Places
  7. Beverly Hills Cop
    Another Eddie Murphy movie of course!
  8. Sleepless in Seattle
  9. My Cousin Vinny
    This ones for the youts
  10. Forrest Gump
    Tom Hanks is just awesome
  11. Clueless
    I can quote the entire movie 🙈
  12. Face/Off
  13. Love Actually
  14. Con Air
  15. You've Got Mail
    At this point you can tell that Tom Hanks is my favorite actor of all-time
  16. Romeo+Juliet
  17. The Notebook
  18. Snatch
  19. Almost Famous
  20. Ocean's Eleven
    Twelve and Thirteen
  21. Burn After Reading
  22. The Dark Knight
    I paid a lot of money to see this multiple times in the theater