Title SHOULD be self explanatory
  1. I will give out pregnancy info to whoever I want
    Basically, if I'm not voluntarily telling you anything it means I don't care for you to know.
  2. I'll eat whatever I want
    Don't push your gluten free, dairy free shit on me. I'm old school. I'll enjoy a chocolate peanut butter shake whenever I want one
  3. Don't touch!
    If you touch my belly without my permission, can I get all Donald Trump on you?! Probably not.
  4. Your pregnancy doesn't mean we're doing this together.
    Everyone gets pregnant but that doesn't mean we're on this journey together just because we're preggo at the same time. I'm not going to pretend to stress about a double stroller like you.
  5. I don't care about the gender!
    Boy or girl... doesn't matter. Don't ask what I prefer. What I prefer is a baby!
  6. Don't assume... ANYTHING!
    Don't assume you know how far along I am. Don't assume you know the gender. Don't assume I'm having it rough. Just don't. Stop. Shhhhhh.
  7. It's not hormones
    It really isn't. My attitude is the same before I got pregnant. Don't try to make yourself feel better about something shitty I said by saying "it must be the hormones". It's not. It's you.
  8. Not every pregnancy is the same
    Duh. And more duh. They're all different.
  9. I'll share whatever I want on Social Media
    If I want to share a baby bump picture every week then I'll do it. If I want to share updates on my pregnancy I'll do it. Luckily, I don't because that annoys me. But if I want to, I will.
  10. I'm not weak
    I can still lift things and I can still workout. Until a doctor puts me on necessary bed rest, I'm fine to do whatever is okay to do during pregnancy. And those on bed rest are not weak either! It takes a lot of strength to not be active because you have to keep that baby safe and healthy.
  11. I don't want wine
    I get that it's okay to drink a glass a day and that's fine for whoever wants to do that when you're pregnant. Not judging. But don't tell me to do it like I'm dying to. I don't want to. Don't have a need to do it. Let it be.
  12. #mypregnancymyrules
    Enough said.