People I Want to Punch in the Face

Self explanatory
  1. I don't even know his name but I hated him in Eastbound and Down
  2. Anderson Cooper... nothing against him other than just wanting to punch him.
  3. Andy Milonak-I don't give a F... just a good punch to the face
  4. Harry Styles. He's really considered talented? Seriously?
  5. Michael Bay. The director of some of my favorite 90s action movies. But damnit if he doesn't stop with the the slow low angle move to the left with that camera he's gonna get punched.
  6. Lindsay Lohan. After Mean Girls I disliked you and liked everyone else in the movie. Just hoping the career is over.
  7. Casey Affleck... you're really weird! And just look like you're constantly waiting for that shit to shoot out.
  8. Ashton Kutcher. Stop trying to make your acting career happen.
    This GIF is annoying too.
  9. Jason Sudeikis because he did What Happens in Vegas with Ashton Kutcher.
  10. Kris Jenner. It's your fault your girls and son exist. All. Your. Fault. (And Robert Kardashian and Bruce Jenner... none of you should have conceived kids together).
  11. This girl... I could type her name but it's longer than I thought it was. She ruined Soul Plane. And any episode of Ballers. Stop casting her.
  12. All these guys. Cancel the show. New York is 1 million times better. All need a good punch to the face.
  13. Obvious reasons.
  14. And third trimester insomnia... F U insomnia!!! F. U. I made this list because of YOU!!!!