1. Wrestlers soaking their hair with water
  2. Long hair... They should totally care
  3. Ric Flair wanting to bleed.
  4. Jericho deciding to be the one to fall on tacks
  5. JBL
  6. Undertaker wrestling once a year
  7. Pretending to be foreign when Wiki calls you out for being American
  8. Why people still think wrestling is fake!
    Okay so maybe storylines are made up but their bodies really get hurt and if not done right they can even be life threatening.
  9. Triple H coming out and being intimidating by spitting water out.
  10. Kelly Kelly and her damn lashes
  11. On that note why do the girls bother with body makeup when it winds up all over the ring
  12. I'm sure there's more I don't get but ya know... This is the li.st and this is all I could think of as I watch Monday Night Raw 😎