1. Room Temperature Chocolate
    Why do that? I don't get it. It's practically already melted... which is worse! Always refrigerate your chocolate!!! At least don't offer me anything but that 😑
  2. Playing with Paper
    Unless you're writing on it, drawing, reading, etc. DO NOT PLAY WITH IT!! Don't wave it around. Don't snatch it out of someone's hand... just do what you're supposed to do. This all is on the basis that paper cuts hurt like a mother fucker! Nope. Am I the only one that thinks about paper cuts???
  3. Talking during the news. Specifically asking a question about what's on the news and your question being answered as you're asking it 😡
    At least wait until commercial break! And who knows... maybe you won't even have to ask a question because it was answered as you patiently listened to the broadcast. Did a light bulb just turn on in your head? I think so!
  4. Walking in your home/anyone's home with shoes on
    This could be a personal preference thing but I really want to pull my hair out when it's done in my home and when people allow it. Do people not get you're tracking in dirt?? DISCLAIMER: I'm Filipino
  5. Judgmental Moms
    Them specifically. Hate them. Strongly despise them. Example: a mom judging another mom for being concerned about their kids development while raising uncircumcised vegetarians (because it was their choice 😉). My point? Don't judge. And P.S. nothing against not circumcising your boys but please don't reason that they can make that choice when they're older.
  6. Not cleaning bathrooms before guest arrive
    Okay... so I may be a little OCD but I have legitimately been to other people's homes and they don't have a clean bathroom. I'm talking about the "guest bathroom." The ONE bathroom that are only reserved for guests and the people that live in the home rarely or never use. Look, if I see a pube, I'm leaving.
  7. Toilet paper hanging wrong.
    There is a right and wrong way. I get it's another personal preference thing. However, the MOST logical way is what is pictured.
  8. This guy
    I literally want to punch him.
  9. This movie
    The title speaks to why I don't like it.
  10. Purple.
  11. People who can sleep instantly while I need two hours to wind down and then an hour of TV
    This is why this list is being made right now.
  12. Lastly, people who want my business but don't even send me an email with pricing info after two weeks of promises.
    Talking to you, Lokelani Photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!