With Jonah Hill and James Franco... You can see why I'm making a list.
  1. The beginning reminds me of Tropic Thunder
    In the sense that I see Jonah Hill interviewing African boys... So I thought, "oh it's a movie within a movie...?"
  2. Google the movie
    Found out it's serious. Sorry about initial thought.
  3. James Franco is in a church in Mexico... So maybe like Pineapple Express 2: Before the Wall?
    So, I was still reading up on the true story as I saw the scene... Again, sorry for this thought.
  4. Do I keep watching?
    It's Friday and the Lightning just won the first game of the Eastern Finals... Giving it a shot.
  5. Jonah Hill sounds like a sarcastic a**hole
  6. Record Jimmy Fallon just incase...
    Jon Snow is on tonight... So ya know... He's alive and shit. (Sorry for the spoiler)
  7. Make a li.st
    This will keep me watching. Thanks @list !!!
  8. And baby's up... Sorry TODDLER... False alarm
  9. Pause from making a li.st
  10. Must get toddler
  11. Now I'm stuck watching True Story...