I wished to one day be that girl that walks to the ring with an awesome wrestler then give them a low blow and say "Screw this!" And be THE BOSS
  1. Triple H
    He used to have that "Beauty and the Beast" look and I figured I'd be his Belle
  2. John Cena
  3. The Rock
    I'd like him to lay the smacketh down
  4. Jeff Hardy
    He wore pants which should be mandatory for all wrestlers
  5. Bad Ass Billy Gunn
    I can do a better job than Road Dog Jesse James
  6. British Bulldog
    I don't know but I had his braids on my mind
  7. Randy Orton
    Bad boy
  8. Golddust
    We have a lot in common
  9. Jake the Snake
    I think I want to scare people with bags of snakes
  10. Degeneration X
    RIP Chyna but I'd be awesome as the main chick of the crew
  11. Bushwackers
    I just want to have that entrance. Everywhere I go. Everyday.
  12. The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase
    I'd like to take his million dollar belt... Yup. Walk him to the ring then take the belt and run. Make something not so Trump.