I thought that going to London would be no thang, but turns out I had some real-ass culture shock after 4 months in Berlin.
  1. English
    Everyone's been speaking English and it actually really took some adjusting to! I asked for directions all the time just because I COULD and it was EASY.
  2. Talking to strangers
    People on the street actually ...interact? I chatted with the people ringing up my groceries. A customer service guy at the train made a joke to me (that I didn't understand because he used British words). I don't know it's weird I wanna go back to the land where we all pretend we can't see each other!
  3. Only saw one person drinking beer in public
    And it was nighttime which doesn't even count.
  4. FOOD
    Omg it was honestly great. Like ily Germany but you are so behind sometimes. Pop chips! Green juice! Granola bars! Kale! I'm not even gluten free but it was refreshing to be in a country that's obsessed w weird food trends and not just surviving off the same potato recipes that have kept them going for the past thousand years.
  5. Food prices
    Food... Like.. Costs money here? This was less fun. Miss those euro prices 💸💸
  6. Jaywalking
    People did that in London, which was cool. You can usually find me in Berlin waiting on a street corner for 20+ minutes waiting for a walk signal even if there are no cars coming from either direction.