1. So I went to see this comedy show in Berlin w some English pals and after the show my friend and I expressed how it was a bummer that no women had been on stage
  2. And then this guy ("bloke") we were with was like "but there aren't really female comedians are there?"
  3. Jaw drops onto cement
  4. I inhale
  5. and I exhale "Tina Fey Amy Poehler Amy Schumer Chelsea Peretti Margaret Cho Kate McKinnon Jenny Slate Ayo Edebiri Tig Notaro Sarah Silverman Ellen Degeneres Mindy Kaling Ilana Glazer Abbi Jacobson"
  6. AND those are just the ones I that were in my fIRST EXHALE and before I had to even use brain cells to idk actually THINK
  7. Anyways this guy is an idiot
  8. But more importantly I realized that this is a GREAT TIME TO BE ALIVE
  9. And I feel very lucky to exist in a time period where it is so easy for me to be so familiar with such wonderful queens.
  10. Thank you for doing what you do
  11. And proving what we've all been saying this whole time
  12. Women are hilarious.