1. US bathrooms have way better wifi, always.
  2. German stalls have much more privacy. Taller walls and no cracks between door and frame.
    Apparently it really freaks Germans out when they go to America since our public bathroom stalls are basically as private as a cage at the zoo.
  3. German toilets almost always have a choice between a light flush and a heavy flush.
    Because 🌎.
  4. You usually have to pay for public toilets in Germany.
    In department stores, train stations, churches, etc. it's expected that you pay .50 cents to a euro. And I do, because I always have to pee. The secret spots? Universities and some museums 😉
  5. Not having hot water at a bathroom sink is pretty normal in Germany.
    Ty socialism.
  6. In Germany you say "I have to go on the toilet," but in the US we vaguely disguise what exactly we'll be doing by just saying that we have to "go to the restroom."
    For what? We all know what you're doing there. The Germans just aren't afraid to say it.
  7. It's easier to make friends in US bathrooms.
    I'm a strong believer that there's no better place to make friends at a party than in the women's bathroom. That wouldn't really fly in a German bathroom. Cannot comment on the men's bathroom sitch, though.
  8. German bathrooms are generally cleaner.
    Because you paid 50 cents for their upkeep!
  9. All in all, I'm a fan of both. We all have something to learn.
    For the US, it's how to not be wasteful assholes. For Germany, it's how to not be frugal assholes.
  10. .
    (Insert joke about assholes/bathrooms)