1. The year is 2046.
  2. I have a daughter, she's 10.
  3. She comes home from school on the Friday before the 14th and tells me how excited she is.
  4. She's got a bunch of cool activities planned with her friends.
    Making collages, baking, writing feminist haikus.
  5. She tells me that Galentine's Day is her favorite holiday.
  6. I smile, and tell her that when I was her age it was called VALentines Day
  7. And was supposed to celebrate romantic love between couples.
  8. She looks skeptical and says,
  9. "That doesn't sound fun at all..."
  10. "I like Galentine's day. It's all about celebrating friendship between women and sisterhood."
  11. .
  12. I tell her that I like Galentine's Day too. 😊
  13. She goes off to her room to make a color coded agenda of the Day's events.
  14. I sit by myself, enjoying a cup of tea, and am grateful for how things have changed.
  15. Giphy
  16. Giphy
  17. Thank you, Leslie.
  18. .
    Then a grilled cheese appears on the counter in front of me because it's 2046 and my SmartKitchen knew I wanted one.