Did good ol' Benny Franklin learn these things before he dropped out?? Bet not. Shoulda stayed in school, pal!
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    How to eat in class without anyone noticing
    This is so handy. I'm in a very expensive cafe and bought my coffee like 5 hours ago but I can live on because I just ate a granola bar from my bag unnoticed πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
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    How to forge signatures
    Not on report cards, but on bathroom passes. Because I had to beg to go to the bathroom until I was 18 πŸ™„
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    How to bullshit papers
    ClichΓ©, but true.
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    How to manipulate men
    Looking at you @ math department. (They deserved it. They deserved worse.)
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    A lot about leadership and balance and democracy
    While tying to form an organization to resist the oppression of Boston Latin School 😚😚
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    How to better sing and read music
    The school is sometimes eh but our music dept could sometimes be FRESH
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    How to walk so fast
    4 minutes.
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    How to appreciate teachers
    Honestly the number of terrible teachers there encouraged my deep academic affection for and obsession with good teachers.
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    How to do improv
    I was in the improv troupe when I was in middle school and it was 1. My intro to being funny and 2. How I met my best friends 4ever. I wasn't very good.
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    How to speak in public
    Learned by doing declamation 3x a year for 4 years. Tbh learned a lot and feel confident in my abilities.
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    How to leave my body for an hour
    @ Like, all the boring classes
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