Becoming an adult means not buying 10 cheap things and instead getting one really good thing.
  1. Pretty much anything from Patagonia
    I always highly recommend investing in Patagonia because they have a lifetime warrantee and are REALLY generous about it. I once brought in an old rain coat that was no longer waterproof and they just gave me a new $200 jacket no questions asked. ALSO they genuinely care about the environment and sustainability. 🌿🌲
  2. Aveeno positively radiant daily moisturizer w SPF 15 $16
    Paying $15 for 4 oz of something was a big step for me. I wanted a moisturizer that had SPF that was actually light/non-greasy enough that I could wear it in winter AND summer without feeling icky. This one goes on easy and feels like nothing.
  3. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer $50
    Okay this was a BIG splurge for me. But it is also light enough that I actually wear it (almost every day!) and makes me look not dead. Plus, the very first day I wore it someone at work told me I was glowing! AND it has SPF 20 so I'm protecting my skin.
  4. MacBook Air ~$1000
    Buy refurbished. I fucking love this thing; what can I say.
  5. Yoga
    I've probably spent a TON of money on yoga classes over the past few years but I don't regret a single dollar. Actually that's a lie there was this one "gentle" class with a teacher I hate that was horrible. But yoga makes me feel great in 10 different ways and makes my life better overall --> always worth the $.
  6. Diva cup ~$30
    Paid for itself in 2-3 months. Is the best fucking thing ever.
  7. Patagonia down jacket ~$115 (on sale)
    I really hate having my mobility limited by winter-wear but I also live in the north east where you gotta be ready for some cold ❄️❄️. This is crazy warm but feels like I'm wearing a very light cardigan. Wear it probably 250/365 days a year. Also, ditto on their rain jacket.
  8. Pretty much anything from LL Bean
    Like PataG they have a very very generous lifetime guarantee policy. My friend's mom gave me her old backpack from the 80s and they I lost the hip buckle and when I brought it in to get replaced they gave me a new backpack !! I'm a big fan of their wool socks, bean boots, and hiking backpacks.
  9. DevaCurl no-poo and conditioner $30
    Never thought I would be buying expensive shampoo and conditioner (and truthfully, I don't, my aunt gives it to me for my birthday/Christmas) but this stuff is a game-changer for curly hair. I'm one of those people that believes that drugstore shampoo/conditioner puts you in a toxic cycle of dehydrate and attempt-to-rehydrate so they make more money. Going big on this stuff has done wonders for my hair. NOTE: have had more mixed success when I moved to a city with "hard" water.