@ list app doctors HALP ME
  1. The lump on my neck
    I ALREADY went to the doctor for this and it is still a mystery. Read here: THAT TIME I WENT TO THE DOCTOR IN BERLIN 🇩🇪
  2. I am constantly tired
    But this is normal, right? All millenials feel this way, right?
  3. I am cold all the time
    This isn't weird except that I'VE NEVER BEEN ONE OF THESE PEOPLE BEFORE. Tbh I was kinda 🙄 about people who say they're always cold but now I get it!!!
  4. I just got these weird skin patches on my inner arm and inner knee
    They're dry and bumpy and the size of a dime.
  5. I can see all the veins in my wrists and hand
    Again, doesn't sound weird except that it's NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE. My skin is suddenly more translucent than it was earlier. What does this MEAN.
  6. Is this tmi???
    Kinda sorry but also not