I am currently doing a month long yoga teacher training in Rishikesh
  1. "Do you need me to lend you my hands?"
    Said to someone in pain, implying that your energy will heal them. Usually said by Alice, a Norwegian mom who does past life regression therapy.
  2. "There's no water"
    Goodbye flushing goodbye hand washing
  3. "This will cleanse your body of toxins"
    Said while describing: any twist of the back, the full body cleanse we're doing this weekend, the twice a week wake-up-chug-salt-water-and-vomit, chanting mantras, and exhaling.
  4. "This fights diseases"
    Said about meditating, doing yoga, and breathing in general.
  5. "There was a lot of energy transfer"
    Said when we do any partner meditation
  6. "We store our emotions in our hips"
    It would be very normal here to start weeping while doing a hip opener.
  7. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm