1. I had to refill my asthma medication
  2. I made an appointment online with a doctor recommended to me by my program coordinator.
  3. He looked like this:
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  4. He also talked like Will Arnett
  5. Only with a thick German accent.
  6. He acted like a Will-Arnett-Doctor-Character
    You know, like Will Arnett but with a dash of Dr. Spaceman (spuh-CHEH-mun).
  7. It was hard to get through without laughing.
  8. Especially when he said things like
  9. "Vat does vee have here"
  10. At the end I asked him to look at this lump on my neck.
  11. He pretended to be exasperated with all of my questions.
  12. Which is kinda funny
  13. Unless you've had a mysterious lump on your neck for a month.
  14. He felt it.
  15. He told me it wasn't cancerous.
  16. He looked down my throat.
  17. He told me we just were going to wait
  18. And see if it grew
  19. And he moved his hands farther and farther apart
  20. As if he were holding a ballon filling with air
  21. "Unteel maybe eet does dee exploding"
  22. .
  23. .
  24. .
  25. And then he showed me to the door.
  26. .
  27. I still have a lump on my neck.
  28. I still don't know what it is.
  29. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯