funny lines by Terry Pratchett
  1. Astropsychology has been, as yet, unable to establish what they think about.
    Berilia, Tubul, Great T'Phon and Jerakeen
  2. The shape and cosmology of the disk system are perhaps worthy of note at this point.
    You're Bravd the Hublander, aren't you?
  3. I mean, when I've got over that then I'll have time to be decently frightened of you.
    an overdose of terror
  4. '!' said the stranger, and grabbed his arm.
    '?' said the stranger.
  5. The stranger's haste was in part accounted for by the spear in his chest.
  6. A number of what felt like teeth bit his ankle.
  7. The conclusion that there was not going to be any hit him at the same time as Rincewind, whirring wildly down the passage kicked him sharply in the groin.
  8. You don't want that to happen, so you take out an inn-sewer-ants-polly-sea.
  9. 'It could be worse,' he said by way of farewell. 'It could be me.'
  10. He seldom wasted time wondering why people wanted other people dead. It was just a living.
  11. Then its sluggish nervous system brought it the message that it was dead.
  12. The precise origins of the Mage Wars have been lost in the fogs of Time, but disc philosophers agree that the First Men, shortly after their creation, understandably lost their temper.
  13. She was the only one with the strength of character to murder me.