Typed this title while at the Kings/Caps game. I am currently 22 and single, so this list isn't really relevant.
  1. I'm good at being up early
    UNASHAMED MORNING PERSON, PEEPS! You know I'd be up with a big ol' bucket of coffee and the car running and warm before I woke up my lil Gretzky for practice/games. He/she would have water and waffles in the car!
  2. I can handle the cold
    Bundle me up! Put me in layers! Let me wear multiple pairs of pants! Years of tailgating has prepared me for this. I also love wearing hockey jerseys so I would wear my kid's number for sure.
  3. I know and love the sport (but never played)
    I have been a hockey fan since I was a child who did not know what offsides meant. Now I can school you on penalty symbols, line changes, and any number of Rick Jeanneret calls.
  4. I'm good at organizing
    I'm basically a mom to my friends already, so I would for sure be organizing every fundraiser, road trip, and tournament. It's in my blood, my mom was super active in my adolescent athleticismz
  5. I am loud and enthusiastic
    At my current job, we have a live audience. I am the hype woman and I yell/scream/dance at them to get them pumped for the show. I feel this experience would directly influence my ability to cheer for my kid and his/her teammates. I'd be embarrassingly good at this, even. Like, my kid will tell me after games to shut up.
  6. I know CPR/basic first aid
    Not to brag but...Ya girl was a lifeguard through all of high school. I've seen some blood and gore in my day. (Jk, the worst I've seen was a scar on my OWN leg from falling off my bike. And pulling out a kid's bee sting. But I'm cool under pressure, I did have to jump in and save a kid once.) So I'm ready if/when my kid or my kid's teammate gets a puck to the face.
  7. I make good sports playlists
    I know all the arena jams. My kid will be AMPED and ready to go.
  8. I'm good at making carb-filled meals
    This is also in my Italian blood, I'm good at pasta and pizza and garlic bread. Also good at omlettes and roasted veggies and roasted chicken. Come at me, Progresso! My kid will never be hungry.
  9. I've seen a lot of hockey movies
    The Mighty Ducks trilogy. Miracle. Mystery, Alaska. The CUTTING EDGE. Go Figure. Happy Gilmore. Goon. Seriously, my kid is gonna see him/herself as a lot of fictional hockey characters. Oh, and I know hockey moments from TV shows. Michael Scarn in Threat Level Midnight. Dean from Gilmore Girls plays hockey. I could keep going.
  10. I'm good with directions/navigation
    American University Women's Club Soccer Superlative, 2012: Best Navigator. I'm good with driving directions, parking preparation, bathroom finding, and any other road trip/travel need. I will yell at my future husband about this fact, since I will be better than him at directions.