I/B the fact that had a dream the other night that I WAS Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Old Luke was teaching me the Force. I was moving rocks and pebbles and was super good at it. This list deals with the prequels, with which I am embarrassingly familiar.
  1. Empire Strikes Back "I am your father" Vader
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    Classic! Timeless! Misquoted always! Such a dope fight sequence with all of the space and smoke and lighting.
  2. A New Hope Entrance Vader
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    The most badass of all time. So much swagger. So little time.
  3. Fighting Obi-Wan on Mustafar Anakin
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    Pretty intense way to go, this fight blew my mind as a preteen
  4. Helmet Off Moments Before Death Anakin
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    Final acceptance of his self and he has helped his fam save the day. "Tell your sister...you were right"
  5. Swoony Pre-Sith Stage Anakin
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    When he's leaning against a pillar and tells Padme she looks so beautiful, he looks a) so goofy b) but his hair is incredible c) still think it's hot and you can still clearly tell he is capable of love while his mind and heart are being poisoned by Palpatine!!!!
  6. Killing Sand People (and the women, and the children) to Avenge His Mom's Death Anakin
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  7. TIE Fighter Flyin' Darth
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  8. Filled with Agony Anakin
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    One of the most unintentionally funny scenes in cinema, to this day. Hayden and Natalie overact the SHIT out of this scene and it is incredible. Anakin is just an angsty, lovesick, mommy missin' teen, yo!
  9. Armless, legless Anakin
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    Sad but pretty amazing he survives this, and was also able to scream while burning alive.
  10. Weakling Who Doesn't Want to Fight Palpatine Vader
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    Return of the Jedi is the wooooorst when Luke lets himself get captured and is like "hey I know ur my dad, and I know there's still good in u, why u always lyin," and Darth is all "nah, I'm bad, ur gonna be bad too, lol sry." Pick a side, dude, remember how menacing you were legit one movie ago??? Or be good and take him down without like almost letting Luke lose.
  11. Baby Anakin
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    I don't have time for the Phantom Menace, the only cool thing was the podracing and I would rather watch a movie about young Jabba the Hutt than ever see Phantom Menace again