I watch all of them because I am a NEERRRRRD. Not counting Agent Carter because it's more spy than superhero, more period/miniseries than anything.
  1. The Flash
    The best by LEAPS AND BOUNDS HAHA GET IT A RUNNING JOKE. Best writing, effects, cast, acting, voice, and all around spirit.
  2. Daredevil
    Vincent D'Onofrio's performance as Kingpin should be enshrined in history as one of the greatest, most complicated villains of all time. If that's not enough, the best fight choreography and team dynamic of the bunch.
  3. Supergirl
    I've only seen the pilot but I already think it's FLYING HIGH. (HAHAH GET IT MORE SUPER PUNS.) Calista Flockhart as Miranda Priestly, Melissa Benoist as a struggling twentysomething in the workplace/badass super being, and LA acting as "National City?" Sign me up.
  4. Arrow
    The one that arguably started it all. (Pour one out for Smallville.) Consistently solid action, acting, and complicated character relationships, but the storylines are repetitive and increasingly outrageous. Hasn't really found its footing since its outstanding second season, which is a must watch.
  5. Gotham
    I'm not totally caught up but Gotham combines the grittiness of the Nolan Batmans with the silliness of the Schumachers with NONE of the gravitas of the Burtons. Everything is completely BONKERS and over the top. Every performance is heavy handed and over acted. But the universe is so dangerous, seductive, and interesting, and the inherent comic book-ness of it all feels right.
  6. Agents of SHIELD
    Brett Dalton is super hot. Chloe Bennet is charming but doesn't get enough to do. Clark Gregg is just tolerable enough. Watch this with a cliche checklist/superhero trope scorecard. Frustrating because SHIELD has to react to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the movies have yet to acknowledge the SHIELD team for real. OH, WATCH FOR THE GUEST STARS. Season One: BILL PAXTON. Season Two: KYLE MACLACHLAN. Season Three: CONSTANCE ZIMMER.