Characters I Relate to On the Shows I'm Currently Watching

Currently airing and binging.
  1. Amy, Veep
    I am type A and very controlling but also competent and efficient.
  2. Chloe, Smallville
    Sarcastic and no BS. Obsessed with her career. Best friends with someone she is also clearly in love with. The most relatable, especially relatable to high school me.
  3. Mackenzie McHale, The Newsroom
    Just in the sense of having it semi together but also being an insane person.
  4. Alex Danvers, Supergirl
    Major big sister inspo! So tough and I love that haircut and used to have it before I went so Cali that now I have ombré hair.
  5. Rachel, Justified
    Wants to be the best at her job but also loves her coworkers and would do anything for them. (Read: me)