I'm gritting my jaw and my heart is beating so fast typing these
  1. "apart of" instead of "a part of"
    Don't blame autocorrect!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THREE SEPARATE WORDS!!!!!! HAHA PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS AND THIS EARTH IS HELLFIRE. Death-grip knuckle clench.
  2. It's/its
    THE BALL IS MINE. IT'S MINE. IT IS MINE. ----- THE CAT BIT ITS TAIL. THE CAT DID NOT BITE IT IS TAIL. AGAIN, JUST THINK ABOUT IT, PEOPLE. Clenched knuckles brought to mouth, shaking in frustration grip.
  3. You're/your
    Immediately determines everything about a person depending on if you nail these or not. Passive aggressive knuckle clench with lip purse grip.
  4. To/too/two
    Just dumb. Eye roll and white knuckle clench grip. POWER COMBO!!!
  5. Couldn't care less
    You're using this wrong, for sure! Fists curled while my hands wave frantically to explain this, grip.