EPISODE 1: The Fear Awakens?
  1. So this weekend @roaringmeg and I watched every bonus feature on the Force Awakens DVD.
    We also watched the entire movie as well
  2. And then I scoured the Internet for ones on different editions of the DVD
    Yes! You read that right! I searched the Internet for DIFFERENT BONUS FEATURES from Star Wars DVDs!
  3. So I've been thinking about Star Wars a lot lately.
    See: any of my other lists
  4. Cut to: Sunday night. Sunday I a) went for a 3 mile run 2) went for a 4 mile bike ride 3) played flag football and flip cup and beer pong.
    Needless to say I was exhausted.
  5. The dream was weirdly family-oriented and more about the traveling itself than JJ.
    I wish I had more details about our interaction but that's not what my brain focused on!
  7. I had to wake up super early for my flight.
    I was flying to Philly from LAX, my mom was staying with me and flying out later. I woke her up as I was getting out the door.
  8. Cut to: the airport. At my gate. I see a guy in a blue baseball cap and a hoodie and thick glasses with dark, curly hair.
  9. It is JJ.
  10. I try not to freak out or stare, at this point I am mentally confirming it is him and not just some other random LA writer/producer guy.
    He kind of defines that archetype!
  11. It is clear that he is flying to NYC.
    We won't be on the same flight.
  12. In this setup, LAX decides to change my gate and I have to make a train by a certain time to make my flight.
  13. They announce that all flights to NYC have been cancelled due to fog around that area.
    What is JJ to do?
  14. JJ boards the train I am on towards the Philly flight.
    I'm assuming he will fly to Philly then take an Amtrak to NYC. Classic pro-traveler move. The train is very crowded and he is visibly uncomfortable.
  15. Time to board my flight!
  16. I end up having a window seat.
  17. Poor, sweet, emotionally manipulative JJ gets the middle seat next to me.
  18. I am....freaking out?
    Internally. But I'm sure, externally, I looked like I was trying so hard to keep my cool.
  19. At this point, I am somehow both holding a Star Wars comic book that I got when I was 10 and wearing a Darth Vader t-shirt.
    For maximum humiliation! I am the ultimate fan!
  20. I'm going through thousands of questions in my head. I know I'm only going to get one while still being respectful.
    heart: WHO ARE REY'S PARENTS? WHO ARE REY'S PARENTS? ASK HIM WHO REY'S PARENTS ARE!! WILL KYLO GET REDEMPTION? YOU MUST KNOW! head: you cannot ask him that. He will not answer that. Ask him something cool and deep and ~industry~ so he can hire you and you can become the next Kathy Kennedy.
  21. I am now paralyzed with fear.
    My brain is now walking through the idea that he probably gets this all the time, is he sick of this, what question could I ask without me sounding like an obsessive psychopath that he would reasonably answer ?
  22. The flight is firmly happening and I'm about to put away the comic.
    Why do I even have it? I don't know. Was I going to ask him to sign it? It's not even canon anymore!
  23. Then, from the row behind me, I hear a few words...
  24. Bro 1: "Hey man, The Force Awakens was really cool"
    JJ: "thank you, thank you very much"
  25. Bro 2: "so...(laughs) who are Rey's parents?"
    Bro 1 and Bro 3 also laugh.
  26. JJ laughs.
    Me as Anakin, shaking my fists in the air at the end of Revenge of the Sith: NOOOOOOO!
  27. I laugh, too, as if I am part of the conversation.
    Maybe I can still jump into this.
  28. JJ turns around and starts talking to the dudes.
    Hollywood sexism, amiright? What a boys club!
  29. I face forward, now realizing I have let this opportunity slip away.
    I didn't even tell him how much Star Wars means to me! Nor did I tell him how scarring it was for me when Olivia Dunham was stuck in the alt-universe in Season 3 of Fringe!!! I really blew it. I was actually star struck. There's so much I wanted to say and I couldn't find the words to say it. JJ is a visionary and I love so much of his work and I would love to have a legit conversation with him about all of it: film, Spielberg, mysteries! And I was so close in this dream but I squandered it!!!!
  30. I wake up!
    I have to tell everyone.
  31. Is this just a dream? It is it a premonition?
    This is probably how I would react in real life.
  32. Remaining questions:
    Why would JJ be flying coach ever?! How was I one of the only ones in the airport who recognized him? Why did I have a comic book that is at home in Pennsylvania when I was flying home from LA? Will I ever meet JJ in real life? Is this dream a lesson in how to handle meeting celebrities? How long was JJ going to be in Philly before his NYC train? Could I have asked him to get coffee when we landed? WHO ARE REY'S PARENTS?
  33. The end.
    I really hope there is a sequel to this dream and I get closure. Or maybe I have a dream about dating Adam Driver. Or we find out who Rey's parents are.