*Star denotes if it hasn't happened yet
  1. Watching the first half of the Carrie Underwood Sound of Music
  2. When I found out Christopher Plummer didn't sing in The Sound of Music
  3. When my parents told me they were getting a divorce
  4. My really bad 6th grade short "Keira Knightley" haircut
  5. Dying*
  6. Getting flat out rejected by a boy I asked out in junior high
  7. Graduating college
  8. First kiss
  9. Graduating high school
  10. Baby*
  11. Wedding*
  12. Presenting an academic paper at a conference
  13. Winning the Geography Bee in 5th Grade
  14. Moving to California to start my new job and life
  15. Winning a committee in Model UN
  16. Major career success*
  17. Getting a dog of my own *
  18. Camping with my family every summer
    Allegany State Park, whattup!
  19. Getting a childhood dog
    Love you Flutie, Biscuit, and Lindy!
  20. Studying in Ireland for 6 months and getting to travel through Europe
  21. Watching the Bills beat the Patriots in 2011 after losing to them for 8 straight years
  22. Seeing The Force Awakens in theaters the night it came out
    Honestly, will anything top this?