Movie Scenes That Accurately Depict How I Felt With The Stomach Flu

  1. That scene in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story when he needs more blankets and less blankets
  2. That scene in Temple of Doom after Indy drank the blood of Kali and is flipping out in that room with all the candles
    Couldn't find a pic of this so here is hot Harrison
  3. That scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in the graveyard when Voldemort touches Harry's scar for the first time
    My headaches are REALLY bad, guys
  4. That scene in Hercules where the Fates are about to cut Meg's Thread of Life
    I'm dead.
  5. That scene in Fever Pitch when Drew Barrymore gets food poisoning
    Sadly, I had no Jimmy Fallon to get me Gatorade. Postmates was my Gatorade.