1. "C-3PO doesn't look right"
    "And it wasn't just the red arm"
  2. "Maybe the Empire should stop building Death Stars"
    Had to remind him it's the FIRST ORDER and Starkiller Base is waaaaay different, Dad!!!
  3. "They're crazy related"
    - about Rey and Luke
  4. "How did Han and Leia have such an ugly kid?"
    Me: "AGREE TO DISAGREE." *tries to explain Girls and Adam Driver but then bails because it's impossible to explain* Dad: "I don't get it...."
  5. "There's someone I hate more than Belichick and Brady"
    @ Kylo (high praise?)
  6. "Ben sure does take his mask off for someone who wears a mask. Why even bother?"
    Cause he's a Darth fanboy, Dad, it's part of his #aesthetic
  7. "I don't think Han should have died that way"
    Thought it was "too personal"
  8. "How did Rey know about the map to the island?"
    Re: her dream of an island/the ocean. She didn't know about the map, she knew about the place!
  9. "They were kind to Carrie Fisher"
    Thought she was lit well
  10. "It was kind of depressing because the same shit keeps happening, just like the Bills"
    the Bills won yesterday and he was still depressed