1. Tom Hiddleston
    Crimson Peak. Enough said.
  2. The appeal of daily planners and other organizational items
    I understood these on basic level, now I can't do anything without writing it down first
  3. TelePrompTer
    Adding this to my LinkedIn, endorse me because I do it every day
  4. How hard it is to make people clap when they are unenthused
    I feel you, SeaWorld trainers and middle school science teachers.
  5. Driving on the freeways
    The 10! The 405! The 101! PCH! The 134! I've seen it all! (Jk)
  6. Crockpots
    So easy to use. Such huge payoff, literally in terms of quantity and taste.
  7. Why everyone is so healthy in LA
    It's nice out all the time so there's no excuse not to run and also everyone is obsessed with being thin and it sucks
  8. Cold brew coffee
    It's fucking good, guys