1. My dad really liked Trainwreck
  2. Bill Skarsgard and Jeff Daniels will both be in Allegiant Pt. 1
  3. The Bills are not very good at football
  4. Beer is delicious
  5. Escape/trapped rooms are super fun but also difficult
    We were like 4 clues short!
  6. Fall is the best season and 1000x better on the east coast
    Seeing my breath outside + sleeping under multiple blankets + making fires outside >>> running in shorts in November
  7. Sports Night is an amazing show
    So Sorkin-y, yet somehow irreverent? Still cannot believe there were eps that dealt with guns and football player domestic abuse/journalism ethics -- 5 eps into S1.
  8. My cousins and I all have the same hive mind
    So I already know this. But during 2-hand touch, no joke, all 6 of us yelled "there will be no touching of the hair or face!" after someone asked what the rules would be