Wouldn't it just be cool?
  1. Donate a fuckton to charity
    A lot of charities. Cancer research, diabetes research, planned parenthood, etc. and give my high school drama club just unlimited funding. (We never had enough!!!) oh and maybe a few scholarships at my college.
  2. Make sure my fam is good to go
    Pay off my sister's college loans! Make sure everyone is good to live! Maybe start trust funds for my nephews and baby cousin! Hopefully this won't make them entitled brats! This is a hypothetical scenario which will probably never happen so I shouldn't worry about it but I don't want them to be too spoiled!
  3. Get a personal trainer
    This seems like a cool thing to have and I will look hot as hell. I want someone to make me look amazing but I don't want to change any of my current eating habits. So, good luck, future trainer! I'm not giving up donuts, make me a size 2 or you're fired!
  4. Buy a few houses
    LA, DC, Dublin, BUF, PHL. At least.
  5. Furnish said houses in entirely Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, and antiques
    Ya girl is secretly into rustic, distressed, and antique home decor but can't afford it!!!
  6. Buy giant bathtubs for each home/apartment.
    I love bathtubs and taking baths so you KNOW I be splurging on the BIGGEST stubs, the ones with feet and all? Ex. Crimson Peak tub. IT IS AMAZING.
  7. Fill up one of the bathtubs a lot of dollar bills and swim in money.
    Don't act like lottery winners DON'T do this, or something like it. Literally swimming in money! Come on!!!
  8. Take flying lessons and get a private jet
    So I can fly to all of my homes and other worldly destinations!
  9. Get Bills and Sabres season tickets
    Now I can fly myself to all the games and I have places to stay.
  10. Take my friends on a ridiculously extravagant vacation somewhere fabulous
    Fiji? I want to swim with sharks. Or maybe Monaco? Monaco seems rich and swanky A F. Or maybe go back to Switzerland and just go to spas and ski and chill.
  11. Learn a bunch of languages.
    Idk, this would be an investment in case I run out of money and need another job.
  12. Buy tickets to a Beyoncé concert
    I mean.
  13. Buy a DeLorean
    I don't really have a dream car, but I do love Back to the Future so goddamn much.
  14. Buy a Chanel bag.
    This one. I'm crying.