This one's for you, @mindy
  1. Justified
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    If Raylan Givens is not the embodiment of human masculinity, what/who else is?
  2. Live Free or Die Hard
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    Second best Die Hard villain ever, maybe the smartest? For sure the hottest, and def part of the hottest Die Hard Power Couple (the other half is Maggie Q, I mean, come on)
  3. The Mindy Project
    He really is just the sexiest, even this dumb
  4. That one rando ep of Sex and the City
  5. The League
  6. Deadwood
    Have never seen this but I just assume he's hot in it
  7. This Is Where I Leave You
    Not enough screen time.
  8. The Office
    Ranked so low for dissing sweet Pam. Also who doesn't like dorks???