I/b @lenadunham's similar list on paper topics. I still want to be a TV scholar some day.
  1. Reverend Dimmsdale: Minister of Maliciousness or Merit?
    This was 11th Honors English, about The Scarlet Letter.
  2. Memento Mori, Moreso: Victorian Post-mortem Photography as a Middle Class Practice
    This was all about those creepy death pics from the 1800s! It was hard for me to work on this at night because I would get too freaked out looking at the pics.
  3. Fork It Over: The Food Network as Representation of American Consumption, Lifestyle Aspiration, and Participation in Food Industry
    This was one of my last papers written for senior spring. As you can see, I like to make titles as long as humanly possible. And yes, I talked about Guy Fieri in this paper.
  4. "Wouldn't you rather face this together than alone?" Millennials, Disney, and Consumer Identity
    All about how Disney has cultivated us as an audience and even revised their own content (ex. Once Upon a Time) to match/influence our values.
  5. "A Nice Trip to the Forest" and Zoological Tomfoolery: Environmental Activism, Scientific Authenticity, and Science Communication in "The X-Files"
    My crown jewel. I finally got to write a paper about The X-Files.
  6. "But by the Strength of his Heart:" The Sensitization of Herakles in Disney's Hercules for "Special" American Millennials
    Wrote this puppy when I was abroad. Again, got to write about one of my great pop culture loves
  7. "It's about the souls!" Souls and Morality in Buffy and Supernatural
    Have not actually written this one but have a working outline and this title saved
  8. What the Fleeting Fuck: The FCC's Inconsistent Rulings on Fleeting Expletives
    Probably the hardest I've ever worked on a paper, written for my Communication Law class. I had fun.
  9. Not Appropriate at the Dinner Table: Metaphors for Sex Reflected in Feminist Poetry
    Wrote for AP Lit. Got like a 96.
  10. Just an "Apple Pie Life:" What Supernatural Reveals about the American Family and Gender Roles
    The first time I realized I wanted to be a professor of television and could get paid (not much) to write critical articles about TV for a living.