compiling this list was very cathartic and made me realize how many good things happened this year. here's to more in 2016!
  1. January
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    I rang in the new year with my high school bf/twin in Florida. it's crazy how this literally seems like it happened last week. the days are long and the years are short, folks.
  2. February
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    either I had a really boring February or I just didn't take pictures of anything because the only photos I have are from this night or are screenshots. this was at my friend's housewarming party. there were more bottles of alcohol than there were pieces of furniture.
  3. March
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    I got these wise words of wisdom from my dad before a big test in my law class. many other things happened this month- I turned 22, I fell out of love, I had a velociraptor named after me at Universal, etc. but I felt like this was a better picture mostly because I totally forgot about it and it made me smile just now whilst going through photos.
  4. April
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    I graduated college! this was one of my favorite days, not only because I got a degree but because I realized how much I had grown and how the past four years had somehow turned me into a person who knew how to love herself. I remember my best friend and I were driving back to my apartment after eating with my family and she decided to play that good riddance song by green day and there was a rainbow in the sky and shit it was so soppy and the moment just hit me and I had to pull over and cry.
  5. May
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    so much happened in May, but the highlight of the month was seeing this beautiful angel (@apittm3). we live like 12 hours apart and only get to see each other once or twice a year. this was Memorial Day and we were at one of her coworker's houses and it was also meatless Monday so I ate all the celery on the veggie platter and got called "Georgia" by everyone. the Georgia thing was because that's where I live not because of the celery.
  6. June
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    gay marriage was legalized! I remember seeing the news and immediately crying and then going downstairs and saying "hey mom I can get married now" to which she responded "to who??" and I said "to anyone I want" and then cried some more. later that evening my parents took me out for drinks to celebrate.
  7. July
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    I live in a military town, so every year for Fourth of July there's a big concert and fireworks show that's broadcast on AFN. this year the concert featured Darius Rucker and was at a different venue then usual because our football stadium was being remodeled (they put in fake grass). the line for the show was like way way too long so we went home and turned monopoly into a drinking game instead.
  8. August
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    I guess I forgot to take pictures for the entire month of August except for this one of my cat. but exciting things still happened- my godson started kindergarten, I celebrated the one year anniversary of finally coming out to my parents, and idk probably other cool stuff too.
  9. September
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    I got to watch this girl get married in September. it was crazy. she's like my little sister. like in my head she is still the 14/15 year old who tagged along on all of our beach trips and got stung by a jellyfish EVERY. TIME. she was a trooper tho, and I wish her the best and I was so glad to be a part of this day.
  10. October
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    in October we took my godson for his first ever trip to the beach, he was so stoked about it once he got over his fear of ocean animals hurting him. it was so special to me to be a part of this and it's been so fun to watch this kid grow up and I can't wait for more adventures with him. also in October, on a separate trip to Florida, I held a tarantula for the first time and hung out with goats!
  11. November
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    I got to see this perfect person again in November! we had our (second? third?) annual friendsgiving where we dined on tacos and sushi and potatoes. also @apittm3 scrubbed a potato with a sponge and adventured with me. the adventure had nothing to do with the potato, I just thought it was hilarious.
  12. December
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    ahh yes the annual Christmas photo. it's amazing we settled down enough to actually take this as just minutes later I had my hands and feet duct taped together for "survival training" but in all seriousness, I adore these people a great deal and am incredibly thankful for their presence in my life.