after an intense Parenthood rewatch, I have finally concluded this list. it's been in my drafts since I joined this app.
  1. Sydney
    demon child really
  2. Adam
    no one cares about your man pain, also please stop belittling everyone in your family
  3. Sarah
    never got her shit together and almost every single one of her plot lines revolved around some guy
  4. Drew
    kinda whiny, and boring like what does he care about? what is he interested in? WHO IS HE? I have no idea
  5. Max
    strong actor portrayal, but too into bugs to be any higher on this list
  6. Nora/Aida
    too young for character development
  7. Jasmine
    look I love Jasmine, but I haven't forgotten that she hid her son from his father for five years
  8. Camille
    I respect the way she fights for her own independence and never feels guilty for leaving something for herself
  9. Jabbar
    cute kid or whatever, kind of annoying but tolerable, much like actual kids
  10. Zeke
    reminds me of my grandfather
  11. Amber
    deserves an award for her transformation from a terrible teen to a relatively accomplished and together adult
  12. Victor
    thanks for joining the clan and giving me a kid that didn't annoy me
  13. Crosby
    got it together, loved his family, made me proud
  14. Joel
    not technically a Braverman but still ranks better than most
  15. Julia
    somehow simultaneously flawed and flawless, most like a real mom
  16. Haddie
    even tho she disappeared for like a whole season she's still the best, annoyed me at first but then I realized she was the one I related to the most, also stoked she ended up with a girl
  17. Kristina
    literal saint