ok @apittm3 here you go
  1. Brittany Snow
    like ok she's so cool and pretty and adorable and seems genuinely wonderful and I'm super stoked to be alive at the same time as her and I think she'd be such a great road trip buddy
  2. Stephanie March
    seems like she'd be the best person to casually go get a drink with and talk about life and books
  3. Sophia Bush
    ok so she's so rad and passionate and beautiful and her voice just does things to me and I want to cook with her and listen to her tell me stories all night
  4. Lana Parrilla
    honestly probably kind of freak and I love that about her and seems like a great kisser and I'd like to do some first hand research
  5. Anna Kendrick
    so funny and adorable and would probably have great stories and seems like she'd be chill with playing board games and hanging with small animals
  6. Mariska Hargitay
    honestly I would feel so inadequate hanging with her I just want to be kind of casual friends where I can text her for advice but there's no pressure
  7. Monica Raymund
    seems so chill and beautiful and she and her girlfriend are super adorable and we'd go on this super fun double date that included bowling
  8. Bellamy Young
    seems like the sweetest person ever and super adorable and smart and we would casually run into each other at a grocery store or something and have this great conversation in the check out line and then we'd go out somewhere and at some point she'd sing to me