Requested by Alex


this was longer than intended, we've got a lot to do so hurry up @apittm3
  1. climb stone mountain
    I haven't done this in like 10 years and being sweaty and tired on top of a mountain seems like a good bonding experience
  2. go bowling
    we will bond over how terrible we are at this even tho I go bowling like once a month and should really not be terrible at it anymore
  3. pad thai date
    because I'm still upset you've never tried it
  4. go to a museum
    you'd have a choice - arts & science museum or the aviation museum
  5. drive aimlessly around town
    so you can see all the places that meant something to me growing up
  6. go to the beach
    this one is weather/season dependent, but it would still be a blast
  7. wild adventures
    both the theme park and actual wild adventures
  8. game night
    so you can learn how to play monopoly for real
  9. geocaching
    this one goes with out saying but I said it anyway
  10. mini golf
    at a place way less creepy than the one we tried in maryland
  11. sunrise & breakfast date
    we get up super early and go watch the sunrise from somewhere prettier than my backyard and then drink a bunch of coffee and eat hashbrowns
  12. smiley's
    I feel like you'd enjoy this place
  13. trivia night
    beer, pizza, and trivia at this really good pizza joint on the other side of town THEY HAVE THE BEST GARLIC ROLLS YOU WILL LOVE THEM
  14. make a movie
    you're always wanting to film stuff so let's do it
  15. mini road trip
    we'll load up the snacks and the tunes and just drive and chill
  16. movie marathon
    we'll switch off between your faves and mine