I made a list earlier this year of the goals and obstacles I wish to overcome in 2015. Here we go ;
  1. Learn how to ride a bicycle ✔️
    This one was pivotal. I had been continuously dragging this one on for longer than 6/7 years. But I have finally learnt 👴🏾
  2. Finish 3 Quraans for the year ⭕️
    I've completed 2 this year. Hopefully after Exams I can finish one more. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you have completed a reading of the Holy Quraan.
  3. Finish 200 Km of running across the year ⭕️
    60 km left
  4. Learn Arabic ❌
    Unfortunately time has been a big issue. Won't have time this year either. 2016 then?
  5. Win a National Public Speaking competition ✔️
    I competed in the 2015 Emahleni English Orators competition. The other contestants were amazing. I was able to win and attain Honors at my school for public speaking.
  6. Sort out my decision on my future career ✔️
    I recently signed a contract with PWC an accounting firm specializing in Auditing, Tax and Advisory. So I guess that's sorted.
  7. Get an 85% aggregate for the year ⭕️
    Exams. Exams. Exams 😭
  8. Will add more at the end of the year.