1. (1998-2003)
    The most imaginative and incredible years of my life. Unfortunately I can't remember most of it (if you can remember your childhood - then kudos to you). I still however remember what I wanted to be. I wanted. To. Be. Batman! I think I still dream of that today 😸
  2. (2003-2006)
    This was a time when I realized you cannot be Batman. No matter how many times you dressed in a small Halloween Costume. From this moment on I was set on wanting to become a Marine Biologist. I wanted to work with Orcas and Dolphins. And I knew everything about them.
  3. (2006-2010)
    So after realizing that 1) Marine Biology wasn't def. not me (something happened at the aquarium 😶) and 2) I was 8 years old. And so I continued to dream. First I wanted to be a footballer. Unfortunately this was scrapped after I realized how bad I was - really bad 🐟. Slowly I began to research Forensic Anthropology - after watching Dr. Temperance Brennan on Bones. And that was when I decided.
  4. (2010-2012)
    Yes. This was where I realized. That after meeting and seeing the South African Forensics department, the poor facilities, the poor pay and the unorganized department as a whole really put me of. I decided to put my career decision on hold. Remember I was only 13 at this point.
  5. (2013-2014)
    Switched from Dentist - to Doctor - to Forensic Pathologist - to Psychiatrist - to Tax Lawyer. And then finally it hit me.
  6. (2015-
    In 2015 I visited PWC - an accounting firm specializing in Auditing • Tax • Advisory. I went for Work Experience. At the moment - I'm currently planning on studying b(com) accounting and write my CA exam.